Partner Networks

Through partnerships with other networks, USDN strives for all local government sustainability leaders in North America to have access to a peer learning network.

USDN created the Partner Network Program to establish a reciprocal relationship between USDN and interested Partner Networks. The first goal of this program is for Partner Networks to strengthen their network capacity with the support and experience from USDN. The second goal is for USDN to maintain access to communities, beyond USDN members, working to accelerate urban sustainability.

Eligible Partner Networks will benefit from participating in this program by gaining access to:

  • Quarterly peer learning calls with other network builders. On these calls, peers share lessons learned and collaborate to overcome challenges of building a network.  
  • Annual member surveys. USDN will support Partner Networks by administering and collecting data from their members through annual member surveys. Member surveys are critical to measure progress and gather member input, which is valuable for USDN to track the state the field broadly and for Partner Networks to guide their development.
  • Members website. Partner networks can use as a private portal for members to share information, store documents, group calendar, and generally keep in touch. This website was built by and for urban sustainability practitioners.
  • Grants. USDN will accept applications to network grant funds from Partner Networks so long as the application can dually meet the requirements of the grant RFP and any secondary benefit to the Partner Network.
  • Fiscal sponsorship. Partner Networks seeking a fiscal sponsor can connect directly to USDN’s fiscal sponsor Global Philanthropy Partnership (GPP) who can receive, distribute, and report upon funds on the network’s behalf.

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Network Building Resources

If you are building a network of urban sustainability practitioners and/or are interested in becoming a USDN Partner Network, review these network startup resources, worksheets, presentations, and samples.

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USDN 2018 Partner Network Territories

Nine regional networks have affiliated with USDN through the Partner Network Program in 2018, all of which involve both USDN members and non-member participants: