Innovation Products

USDN has a collaborative innovation system that features a variety of fund offerings:

The USDN and CNCA Innovation Funds specialize in innovation development: identifying an innovation, researching and conceptualizing it for prototyping, testing, and refinement.

Peer Learning Exchange and Partners for Places specialize in scaling: spreading proven innovations to other communities through learning, standardization, and adoption.

Innovation descriptions and / or products from each fund are posted here in this curated innovation library. Products are cross posted between the applicable categories on the right-hand side of this page. These pages also include products from USDN-commissioned work to advance member learning in high-impact areas (Special Projects). 

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Urban Sustainability Bulletin

The Urban Sustainability Bulletin, formally known as the Innovation Report, highlights key updates from USDN as well as key accomplishments from our member communities to give you a sense of what is happening in the field of urban sustainability and particularly our three focus areas - GHG Reduction, Climate Resilience, and Social Equity.

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NOTE: Partners for Places Fund projects include both USDN and non-USDN members.