USDN Innovation Products on Government Operations

Table of Contents 

Innovation Lab - Concept Developing and Prototyping: Learning resources to understand the topic.

Innovation Lab - Refinement: Tools and guides to inform developing programs.

Adoption Accelerator - Standards Emerging and Scaling: Implementation examples to show how it is being done.

Innovation Lab - Concept Developing and Prototyping:

Learning resources to understand the topic.

A Smart City Technology Vendor Engagement Framework (Focused on the Buildings & Energy Sector): This Vendor Engagement Framework helps communities take the next step toward implementing technology solutions by describing best practices for engaging smart technology vendors. DNV GL Sustainable Buildings and Communities team conducted Buildings and Energy technology research and city/vendor interviews to create in-depth case studies, and ultimately to develop this framework. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Innovation Lab - Refinement: Tools and guides to inform developing programs.

Financing Sustainable Cities Scan and Toolkit: An action-oriented “how-to toolkit” for Chief Sustainability Officers and Chief Financial Officers to catalog implementable and emerging funding mechanisms that can support cities striving towards bold climate action and sustainability goals, including a scan report, infographic of finance options, and conference agenda. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Leading STAR Community Indicators:  A meaningful subset of the existing STAR metrics to provide an easier platform for annual reporting and comparison between cities, as well as an accessible entry point into the STAR rating system for cities, including a methodology guide and data collection worksheets. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Municipal Workplace and Neighborhood Challenge: A sophisticated online template to allow USDN members to efficiently launch turnkey neighborhood and workplace sustainability challenges, including web-based applications with customizable homepages and bank-end functionalities for each participating community, as well as an implementation manual with strategies for other municipalities. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016). 
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Sustainable Purchasing Playbook for Cities:  A playbook for sustainability directors and city teams interested in launching or strengthening sustainable purchasing efforts, including analytical tools, best practices, implementation tips, and recommendations to help cities prioritize and then pursue sustainable purchasing opportunities. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Adoption Accelerator - Standards Emerging and Scaling: Implementation examples to show how it is being done.

Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund - Asheville NC Case Study: A detailed case study from Asheville NC on how to finance sustainability programs through LED streetlight energy efficiency savings. (USDN Special Project, 2013).
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Municipal Coalition for LED Street Lights: Southeast Michigan's municipal coalition approach to wide scale installation of LED street lights. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2013). 
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